Best bird spots in the Netherlands

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Sanderling © Photo courtesy Lars Ursem

Each season unique bird watching excursions to the best bird spots

The Netherlands is a great country for bird watching. But where to go? Here, you find the best bird spots in the Netherlands. Each season offers unique bird life.

In winter, thousands of geese, swans and ducks rest and feed on the meadows and fields. But at night, they find shelter on the lakes. For they are hunted by birds of prey such as the merlin, hen harrier or short-eared owls. In spring, all fields, moors, and wetlands are teeming with migratory birds. Then, waders move to their nesting grounds in Scandinavia. And countless song birds take up their territory. In summer, we enjoy the young of the beautiful breeding birds of the Netherlands. Now we see the godwit, the redshank and the lapwing. Or we look at the blue sky and search for buzzards, goshawks or white-tailed eagles. And in autumn, we welcome the birds on their way back to their wintering grounds. This is also the best time to see rare birds from the high north, Siberia or America. Such as the horned lark, the lapland bunting or the red-breasted goose.

Read more on the typical birds of each season in the bird info section.

On this page, you find 15 of the best bird spots in the Netherlands. Each bird spot has its unique birds for each season. Have a look and book your favorite bird watching excursion. Discover the unique Wadden Islands, a must see for every visitor. Or look at the beautiful moors of Brabant and Drenthe. On the home-page you find an interactive map showing all 15 areas.

However, you can also contact me for your personal tailor-made trip. Together, we find the excursion that best fits your wishes!

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