Biesbosch national park and the big rivers, home of the osprey

Jul 17, 2021 | Best bird spots

The Biesbosch national park

The Biesbosch formed by the catastrophic St. Elisabeth’s Day Flood, 600 years ago. Ever since, the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Meuse has created a mosaic of water and land which is an Eldorado for birds. The beaver has also returned and is common in the eastern part. And five years ago the imposing osprey set foot on its own account. At present, three to four pairs annually raise theirs nests. Although the immediate surrounding of the nest is protected, you can see the birds well with a telescope. As they forage in the lakes and the rivers  you may spot the osprey hovering right above your head. The area also hosts a whole suite of other interesting birds, such as orioles, bluethroats, herons and egrets, big numbers of yellow wagtails and reed-bound warblers. The Biesbosch national park is a fabulous place for birdwtatching.

The big rivers, Rhine and Meuse

The river landscape of Rhine and Meuse stretches all the way to the German border and offers great bird watching in all seasons. Apart from the lovely landscape with historic dike villages and farm houses, nice birds like the little owl are a treat. Hobbies hunt alongside marsh harriers, sparrow hawks and goshawks. The largest colony of purple herons is located here, which also hosts a large colony of black terns. The reed beds are home to water rails and bitterns.

In spring and fall, ospreys breeding in Scotland and Scandinavia frequent the area. Ring ouzels forage on grasslands. Red and black kites often pause in the area on their way north. Innumerable waders forage on the silty shores.

In winter, the whole area is home to countless geese, ducks and waders. White-tailed eagles often forage for these preys over the rivers.

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Top of page landscape picture: Dordtsche Biesbosch, Province of South Holland

Osprey. Photo courtesy @Pixabay free download

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