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When and where to find our birds

Male ruff © Photo courtesy Lars Ursem

Latest bird info in the Netherlands

Here you find the latest information on the birds that you can find in the Netherlands. In the best bird section, you find information on the best locations for birdwatching.  Each area has its own bird specialities that make the location worth visiting. But sometimes, you are interested in finding a specific bird. Perhaps you are even looking for a new bird in the Netherlands. One you haven’t seen before and for which the Netherlands offers a great opportunity. In that case, you may find information on your lifer in the Netherlands. The blog posts contain information on special birds characteristic for the Netherlands. Some occur as breeding birds, others visit the Netherlands only as wintering birds. Yet other posts deal with migratory birds that visit our country during the spring and autumn. And when a speciality or a vagrant bird visits our country you may find it here as well.

However, I have tried to limit the information to keep this page clear and transparent. You do not want to get lost in a forest of bird info. Therefore I refresh the information on this page regularly. Pay this page a visit every now and then, so that you do not miss the latest bird info.

You can also prepare your trip in advance by looking at the latest sightings at or You may then book a trip so I can help you find and recognise your desired birds.

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