Brabant, birds of moors and fens

Jul 14, 2021 | Best bird spots

Brabant, birds of moors and fens. The southern province of Brabant is one of beautiful nature parks with heather, moors, woods and fens. These are home to all the 6 Dutch domestic woodpeckers and 5 owls. Also, you find typical song birds such as yellow hammer, wood lark, tree pipit, bull finch, crested tit, raven and cross-beak. Birds of prey include the hobby that likes to hunt for dragonflies over the fens on a warm summer evening. Honey buzzards are soaring the sky in search of wasps and bee nests. Goshawks and sparrow hawks hunt for song birds and doves. Red kites and black kites are rare breeders but visit the province during migration times. The nightjar has reclaimed its territories since the beginning of the century and is now quite common.

During spring and fall migration, the eastern areas are the place to look for passing cranes. Some even stay to linger in the fens and moors. And by the end of august, the majestic black stork often stays for a few weeks in various of the regions. The ring ouzel is also an annual visitor. The shores of the fens see many migrating waders.

In winter, the areas are more quiet but the heathers and juniper fields host great grey shrikes. Hen harriers hunt over the moors, whereas in the fringing reed beds, the bittern skulks and calls it mystical boom.

The eagle-owl has expanded its territory to the woods. If you are lucky you may find it. A special treat in March are the sky-blue males of the blue moor frog that croak when courting.

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Top of page landscape picture: Strabrechtse heide, heathers and moors, south of Eindhoven, Brabant Province.

Ring ouzel

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