Scenic Gelderland and Twente, owls and woodpeckers

Jul 17, 2021 | Best bird spots

Scenic Gelderland and Twente form the backstage of owls and woodpeckers. The gently rolling fields, coppices and pastures of the east of the Netherlands form a beautiful historic landscape. Dotted with monumental farmhouses and villages, the region is home to the highest density of owls and woodpeckers. The majestic eagle owl breeds here, together with tawny, long-eared, little owl and barn owl. Five species of woodpeckers breed in the forests. The majestic black woodpecker is perhaps the real treat of the east. Also, here you can look for characteristic songbirds of the semi-open landscape. Amongst these are the spotted and pied flycatcher, yellow hammer, mistle thrush, bull and hawfinch, icterine and wood warbler. In the region you find many lovely brooks that house grey wagtails and king fishers.

With luck and patience you may encounter shy mammals, such as pine and beech martens, badgers and roedeer during an evening stroll.

In winter one visits the open heathers and juniper fields to search for great grey shrikes. These songbirds of prey hunt for mice and small birds, alongside hen harriers hovering over the fields.

Price indication for a half day is 110€ including fuel. A full day is 125€. Prices are lower with larger company. Ask for a free offer.

Top of page landscape picture: the Lutte, Twente region, province of Overijssel

Long-eared owl

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