Oostvaardersplassen, the white-tailed eagle reigns

Jul 13, 2021 | Best bird spots

The Oostvaardersplassen, the white-tailed eagle, these two form a great couple. The Oostvaardersplassen wetlands are an internationally renown nature park in the centre of our country. Herds of red deer, ancient cattle and historic horse races graze the grasslands. It is here, the king of birds, the white-tailed eagle flies over lakes, marshes and fields. And, this is by far the best spot in the Netherlands to see this impressive bird of prey. This birds has colonized our country spontaneously from the beginning of this century. Since, it has expanded its range over most of the Netherlands. And at this moment, more than 20 pairs breed, whereas in winter more than 100 birds roam the country.

In addition, the area has a big colony of cormorants and great egrets. Marsh harriers, bearded tits, bitterns, bluethroats, grey lag geese and barnacle geese breed in large numbers. And, the black-winged stilt, bird of the Mediterranean, breeds annually in small numbers. Hobbies and peregrine falcons are hunting over the fields. Spoonbills are often present. And ravens profit from the presence of dead grazers and come to the area from their nearby breeding forests in the Veluwe and Utrecht.

The agricultural land and forests in the vicinity of the Oostvaardersplassen are home to a couple of Montaigu’s harrier, golden orioles and hawfinches.

In winter, the biggest fresh water lake in Europe, lake IJssel, hosts huge numbers of Scandinavian geese and ducks, such as the smew, goosander, wigeon, scaup and pintail. Every year, rough-legged buzzards are present in small numbers. They are accompanied by a few great grey shrikes and a couple of merlins.

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Landscape picture: Oostvaardersplassen

White tailed-eagle

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