Birdwatching in the Veluwe and Utrecht hills

Jul 17, 2021 | Best bird spots

Birdwatching in the hills of Veluwe national park and the province of Utrecht means walking in lush forests. It is here the raven returned half a century ago after ages of prosecution. This magnificent songbird now fares well and has also spread to other parts of the Netherlands. In addition, the area is home to the shy honey buzzard. You can see this beautiful bird of prey hovering over the glades at a warm spring or summer day. The last dozen pairs of the endangered wryneck breed in the Veluwe. Besides, all the woodpeckers and various owls take their home in the forests and the forest edges. The nightjar is quite common nowadays in various parts of the Veluwe. Enjoy this mystical bird on a warm summer evening. Characteristic song birds that breed are spotted and pied flycatcher, bull and hawfinch, orioles, mistle thrush, crossbeak, nuthatches and crested tits.

In winter, the area is more quiet, but the heathers in both areas are home to great grey shrikes and hen harriers, whereas the woodpeckers and owls also remain.

In addition to birds, the Veluwe is home to various species of big mammals, such as wild boar, red deer, roedeer, mouflon sheep, pine and beech marten. And, spectacularly, the wolf has returned in the past years and a few packs have settled and produced offspring. The chances of seeing a wolf are very slim, but signs and traces can be found.

All in all birdwatching in the Veluwe and Utrecht forested hills is a great experience.

Price indication for half day including fuel 85€. Full day 110€. Ask for a free offer.

Top of page landscape picture: Veluwe national park. Photo courtesy @pixabay free download

Northern raven. Photo courtesy @pixabay free download

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