About Limosa

What is Limosa Holland Birding about?

Welcome to Limosahollandbirding, the website for your personal bird watching excursion.

My name is Paul Saager. I have been a fervent bird watcher for over 30 years. I started bird watching during my internship at the marvellous Wadden island of Texel. It is a true bird Eldorado and a must-visit during your stay in the Netherlands. It is here I met my present bird pals. Together we make monthly bird trips through the Netherlands and Europe.

I am an experienced bird watcher and I know the Netherlands well. It is my passion to guide and enthuse beginning bird watchers. I have a leisurely pace and allow you to determine the birds yourself. This I do with patience and crystal-clear information. On the other hand, should you aim for a specific bird, a lifer, we will chase the goose enthusiastically till we find it.

Why Limosa? It is the scientific name of the black-tailed godwit, the national bird of the Netherlands. It is a beautiful bird. Unfortunately it is under strong pressure by habitat loss. Once the country of small scale agriculture and husbandry, now, much of the arable land has been converted into large industrial dairy land. This led to a loss of food and shelter for the young chicks. Fortunately, the tide is turning and more and more farmers change their methods to more nature-friendly landuse. With almost 40.000 breeding pairs, the Netherlands still is THE place to find it. That is why I chose this bird for my website.

Make your own perfect birdwatching holiday in the Netherlands

Please have a look on my website to look for the best bird watching locations in the Netherlands. Or fill out the contact form for a tailor made excursion that meets your personal desires.

To help you prepare for what can be seen in the Netherlands, have a look at my videos and read the latest bird news.
I wish you a lovely bird watching stay in our beautiful country!

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