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I also make bird videos on Youtube. Find all my videos of typical Dutch birds in the best bird spots. You will also find films of my bird watching holidays abroad. Maybe these serve as an inspiration for your holidays elsewhere in Europe. In addition, I also make tutorials for the beginning bird watcher in Dutch.

The videos are informal and often filmed hand-held. The idea it is to get the impression that you are joining me on a typical bird watching excursion. And on a bird watching trip the weather may be bad or the birds may be distant. Therefore, the films do not pretent to be of National Geographic quality. Instead, they mean to give a realistic idea of a typical day of bird watching in the Netherlands. You’re watching over my shoulder as it were.

The Dutch videos number over 200 species filmed at all seasons during more than 18 months in the Netherlands. Most films were taken around my home town, Haarlem. This beautiful city is well located for great bird watching. It is close to the sea, close to the Holland Dunes and the Zuidpier at IJmuiden. And it is just a short ride from Amsterdam Airport.

See below for the latest bird videos on my Youtube channel. For a quick overview of the birds in all my films, go to the blue button below, choose your bird and click the link to move directly to the right film. Should you want to have an overview of all the birds in my Dutch videos, click here.

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