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Welcome to Limosahollandbirding. My name is Paul Saager. I have been a fervent bird watcher for over 30 years. And I love to guide you as a fellow bird watcher in our bird-rich country. The Netherlands is an excellent place for bird watching. There are lots of birds all year round. The country is small and has excellent infrastructure. Therefore, all bird watching locations can be easily reached within a few hours.

As your personal guide I take you to your desired bird watching spot on a tailor made bird watching trip. There is so much to be seen in our low country. Thousands of Arctic geese, ducks and waders in Winter. Migratory birds from the Mediterranean and the Arctic in spring and fall. And hundreds of beautiful breeding birds in the summer. For bird watchers from Southern Europe, the Netherlands offers the closest location for Arctic birds. For bird watchers from Northern Europe, the Netherlands is closest for Mediterranean birds. And for everybody else, our country hosts countless possibilities to find your first sighting. Your lifer.

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Best bird watching spots in the Netherlands

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The Holland Dunes

The Dunes of Holland, a string of nature reserves, one of the best bird watching locations year-round.


The Wadden Islands

The Wadden Islands are a must see for every visitor to the Netherlands. Sea, land, wetlands, endless birds. Home to the eider.


The Lauwersmeer

The Lauwersmeer is a unique wetland. It is home to the white-tailed eagle, rare waders and reed birds.


The Friesian pastures and shores

The pastures and shore of Friesland are home to countless wintering geese and migrating waders.


The fields and wetlands of Groningen

The fields and wetlands of Groningen are home to 4 harriers and rare rails.


The moors of Drenthe

The moors and heathers of the beautiful province of Drenthe are home to the majestic crane and all the grebes.


The scenic landscapes of Gelderland and Twente

The historic bocage landscape of Gelderland and Twente offers great bird watching. All woodpeckers and 5 owls are present, amongst which the magnificent eagle owl.


The Veluwe and Utrecht province

The forested hills of the nationale park Veluwe and Utrecht host the wise raven. Also birds of prey and nice song birds are found.


The Oostvaardersplassen

The wetlands of the Oostvaardersplassen national park are THE spot to find the white-tailed eagle.


The piers at IJmuiden

The piers at IJmuiden and surrounding beach and shore offer spectacular sea-bird watching. Seals and harbour porpoise are common as well.


The southwestern Delta

The soutwestern Delta offers sea, land and skies. Endless sea-birds, waders, white-tailed eagles and wintering geese and ducks.


The Biesbosch and big rivers

The Biesbosch national park is home to the osprey. The rivers stretch all the way to the German border and host rails, bitters, purple herons, black terns.


The Green heart wetlands

The former peat lakes of the centre of the Netherlands hosts innumerable waders and spectacular reed birds.


The heathers, moors and fens of Brabant

The province of Brabant has several beautiful heathers and moors. Here you find the woodpeckers and owls, songbirds and in fall black stork and cranes.


Maasduinen national park

The national park Maasduinen consists of moors, woods and fens. It stretches 25 km along the German border. Here you find mysterious nigthjar, woodpeckers and migrating ospreys.

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“ What fun to go birdwatching with Paul. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge about birds. And he is enthousiastic to pass his knowledge to you. A world of birds opens before your eyes when you go birdwatching with Paul. He spots the birds from a distance and shows them in your bins. I have enjoyed a great birding day with Paul, but more a sure to follow” 
Judith Traets, Emily Brugman, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 2020-08-16

“Paul is an inexhaustible source of knowledge of birds, their behaviour and their sounds. He shares this with great enthousiasm, patience and love for nature. For me, it was the first time I wend birding. But, even to me as a layman it was instructive and pleasant to see and hear all these little miracles”

Pieter van Rijn, Emily Brugman, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 2020-07-03

Thanks for an immensely instructive excursion in the Amsterdam Water Dunes. It started right when you showed us how to perfection the use of our binoculars. You were quick to spot the great-spotted woodpecker and the nuthatch to our great delight. We want to pay you a big compliment how you succeeded in passing your passion to us city folks.

Maarten Poldermans, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 2020-03-01

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